Carrageenan is a linear sulfated polysaccharide obtained from red seaweeds.

  • Has the unique ability to form a wide range of gel texture at room temperature, firm or elastic, with high or low melting point.
  • Gelation requires no refrigeration and the gels can be made stable throughout repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
  • Thickens, suspends and stabilizes particulates as well as colloidal dispersions and water/oil emulsion.
  • Solutions shear thin (providing ease of pumping), but viscosity and suspending ability is quickly restored on standing.

Regulatory Status of Philippine Natural Grade Carrageenan (PNG):

On July 8, 1991, the USFDA has confirmed that PNG carrageenan complies with 21 CFR No. 172.620 and is therefore acceptable for use as food additive for human consumption in the United States.

In 1994, JECFA (Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives) and CCFAC (Coded Committee on Food Additives and Contaminants) in Rome, after conducting respective toxicological assessment cleared PNG as food additive. Consequently, Codex Alimentarius has assigned INS 407a to the product.


Eucheuma Cottonii  (right) &
Spinosum  (bottom) species:
the red seaweeds indigenous of the Philippine waters which produces the kappa and iota types of carrageenan respectively.

For the past 4 decades, the Philippines continues to dominate the Raw material supply to processors worldwide, cornering 70-75% of the world market.


The Philippines holds the distinct edge of being the first to develop and produce commercial quantities of the species through innovative farming technology in the coastal areas around the country.

The essential factors for the country’s natural edge in raw material supply:

The unique blending of the country’s coral reef structure
Temperature and currents of its waters
The accessibility of easily-trained workers
The dynamic growth of the seaweed industry over the last decade

Manufacturing Process

MCPI Corporation utilizes the environmental-friendly processing system in manufacturing MCPI Carrageenan™:
the natural grade production method, which makes use of low-energy alkai modification procedure.

For more info, download our “Introduction to Carrageenan Technical Brochure”.


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