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About Us

MCPI Corporation is a Philippine company engaged in the manufacture of quality Natural Grade (PNG) Carrageenan specifically designed for the food and beverage, personal care, pharmaceutical, printing, textile and other essential industries.

MCPI is a pioneer in seaweed cultivation in the Philippines and one of the major suppliers of seaweed raw materials to worldwide carrageenan manufacturers.



MCPI’s modern PNG carrageenan processing plant has found its home in a 35,000 sqm complex at Barangay Tugbongan, Consolacion, Cebu.

Currently, the plant is producing carrageenan at an annual rate of 1,200 MT and is due for expansion to increase yearly output to 4,000 MT.

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MCPI Corporation acknowledges Jesus Christ as the Lord guiding us to attain our goals as we adopt Christian principles in all endeavors toward achieving our objectives, making us a visible sign of His peace and glory.

MCPI promotes the family as the cradle of value formation of individuals that are responsive to the needs of his fellowmen, community and nation.

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(OFRE) Ocean
research TRAINING

For over 15 years, MCPI maintains an Ocean Farming Research and Training Center (OFRE), the only one of its kind, situated in the midst of a 100,000 hectare potential seaweed farming area in Danajon Reef of the Central Visayas in the Philippines. Currently, 3,000 hectares of the area is being farmed by its own contracted farmers.

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Our Location

We are committed to providing the absolute best quality MCPI Carrageenan™ to each and every one of our customers. For over almost four decades, since we started, we have continued to grow while staying true to our original mission — to give you, the customer, an excellent product that you can rely on.

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