our history


MCPI Corporation was established on November 29, 1983, initially leasing the seaweeds processing facilities of the Philippine subsidiary of a Multi-National Company (MNC) based in Chicago, Illinois when the subsidiary ceased its operations in the country.

Today, MCPI’s modern PNG carrageenan processing plant has found its home in a 35,000 sqm complex at Barangay Tugbongan, Consolacion, Cebu. Currently, the plant is producing carrageenan at an annual rate of 1,200 MT and is due for expansion to increase yearly output to 4,000 MT.


  • To set the pace in the carrageenan industry worldwide.
  • To further increase substantially MCPI’s worldwide market share for natural grade carrageenan.



  • To provide marginalized farmers & fisherfolk sustainable and nature-friendly alternative source of livelihood, consequently stabilizing the supply availability and quality of raw materials, while earning substantial returns for its corporate supporters.



“Maximum Commitment to Premium Quality Carrageenan For The World”



MCPI Corporation acknowledges Jesus Christ as the Lord guiding us to attain our goals as we adopt Christian principles in all endeavors toward achieving our objectives, making us a visible sign of His peace and glory.

MCPI promotes the family as the cradle of value formation of individuals that are responsive to the needs of his fellowmen, community and nation.

MCPI respects the bounty and paramount importance of nature and is committed to utilize only environment friendly processing systems that produce total quality products, consistently meeting customers’ need for excellence, cost competitiveness, and timely delivery.

MCPI provides employees and associates an environment of open communication, opportunities for personal career growth, talents and gift development in the light of Scriptural values where honesty, trust, confidence and understanding are fostered; promotes love among each other and respect for individual differences while encouraging one another to devote total commitment to excellence in performing respective duties and responsibilities.

MCPI upholds the importance of its partnership with customers, suppliers and service providers while promoting the interest of stockholders and increasing company assets.


OFRE: Ocean Farming & Research TRAINING Center

With regards to raw material supply, MCPI has the edge in commercial seaweed cultivation and trading.

For over 15 years, MCPI maintains an Ocean Farming Research and Training Center (OFRE), the only one of its kind, situated in the midst of a 10,000 hectare potential seaweed farming area in Danajon Reef of the Central Visayas in the Philippines. Currently, 3,000 hectares of the area is being farmed by its own contracted farmers.

The center specializes in the study of Eucheuma polyculture with other marine species such as abalone and Tridacna (giant clam) in collaboration with its non-profit affiliate, the Datingbayan Foundation, Inc.  It is also the venue for outreach tutorial sessions how to  farm seaweeds, as well as how to use MCPI Carrageenan™ to create a sustainable livelihood, not just for our marginalized farmers, but for the ordinary Filipino families.





Mcpi’s professional prime movers & the industry’s friendliest staff

MCPI Carrageenan’s Management Team provide the company with an experience of almost four decades, spanning the full range and depth of business and technical expertise in seaweed cultivation, carrageenan processing, application research and development and international marketing operations.