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Carrageenan Info: RAW MATERIAL

Eucheuma Cottonii & Spinosum species:
the red seaweeds indigenous of the Philippine waters
which produces the kappa and iota types of carrageenan respectively.

Eucheuma cottonii
Eucheuma Cottonii

Eucheuma spinosumDried spinosum
Eucheuma Spinosum  

For the past 2 decades, the Philippines continues to dominate the Raw material supply to processors worldwide, cornering 70-75% of the world market. 

The Philippines holds the distinct edge of being the first to develop and produce commercial quantities of the species through innovative farming technology in the coastal areas around the country.  

The essential factors for the country's natural edge in raw material supply:

  • The unique blending of the country's coral reef structure
  • Temperature and currents of its waters
  • The accessibility of easily-trained workers 
  • The dynamic growth of the seaweed industry over the last decade

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